30 June, 2023

New Date: Alpha Starting at Living faith Church Greensborough on Friday 28 July at 7pm

Exploring the big questions in life is important. Have you explored life, faith and meaning?

Alpha is an environment for anyone and everyone who wants to explore life and the Christian faith, ask questions, and share their point of view. Alpha is free and everyone is welcome.

No question is too big or too small to explore.

Everyone's welcome - You're invited, no matter your background or beliefs.

Starting soon ... Friday 28 July at Living faith Church Greensborough at 7pm

To find out more call Bruce 0402 839 145

Or to RSVP for yourself and if you are bringing someone along to help with organising the catering admin@livingfaithchurch.org.au

Explore other Alpha times and venues: https://www.alpha.org.au/try

15 February, 2023

Annual Church Camp is around the corner

As February rolls around, members of all ages in the congregation are preparing for one of our most exciting and fulfilling experiences throughout the year, Church Camp 2023! A long-established tradition at Living Faith, this camp is a wonderful opportunity to connect and engage with each other, and God on a deeper level.

This year's theme is centered around growth, which can manifest itself in various ways. Living Faith as a Church, always strives to grow and develop itself and God's presence within the community. Last year, those efforts were certainly realised at Church Camp 2022 (Noticing God Everyday), with nearly 50 in attendance throughout the weekend.

That being said, growth is not merely about numbers, or attendance, or even simply the process of getting older.

We are hoping that this year, our church (and subsequently, our church camp), can focus on taking our time, both individually and as a spiritual body, to evolve our relationships with ourselves, each other and even the world around us. To process, heal, and connect with God during this time and beyond.

With the beautiful backdrop of coastal Victoria to aid us, we also have many activities planned to make the most of this weekend. High ropes, beach volleyball and the flying fox for the more physical and daring of camp goers, alongside morning walks, board games and puzzles for those wanting to unwind. Most excitingly of all, perhaps, is the opportunity to chat, engage and worship together.

Please pray for Church Camp 2023, that it will be a fulfilling experience where we can learn and grow to live better through God's vision.

—Maya Grills

26 December, 2022

Welcome Ellen Grabner to our Ministry Team

As Vic finishes up his time with us, we are excited to welcome Ellen Grabner to the Living Faith Church Ministry Team!

Ellen joins us after a long tenure with Doncaster Church of Christ, a community we at LFC have some close connections to. At Doncaster, her role was focused on community building initiatives, and she is excited to bring her passion and expertise for inter-generational ministry to Living Faith.

Ellen will be commencing her role on February 1st, 2023, and will be inducted during the Sunday Service on the 5th of February.

Please join us in welcoming Ellen into our community.

26 December, 2022

Farewell to Vic Heyward

Vic's final day at Living Faith Church was on Sunday, the 18th December. On leaving, Vic wanted to share a message with the Living Faith Church community.

Well, well, well, that was a rapid couple of years! After an unusual pandemic start, I have really enjoyed my time at Living Faith Church. You guys are a warm and welcoming community and that is your strength. Looking back, it was unique to be doing pre-recorded messages from my shed which is something new for the ministry resume, but it did provide some insight into my interests and passions as a bloke who likes to tinker. I find it very therapeutic. The wonderful ministerial service role of preaching, leading and presiding over communion is always an honour and privilege. The experience has blessed me as much as (I hope) it has blessed all of you who make up the wonderful Living Faith Church folk.

We want to thank Vic for his wonderful ministry, support and friendship shared with our LFC Community.

26 November, 2022

Join us in celebration this Christmas

As we enter the Advent season, we'd like to invite everyone to join us in December for our celebrations of Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we will be meeting at 5:00PM outside of the church for a special celebration. There will be animals, food, carols, and quality Christmas jokes, so please bring a friend and come join us for a great evening.

The following morning, Christmas Day, we will be holding a special worship service at 9:30AM. We would love to see you there!

Leading up to Christmas, we will be having our regular Sunday morning Worship Services at 10AM every week. In person services have resumed, so we would love to see you in person on Sunday morning. If you'd like to join us from home, every Sunday we live-stream our services on YouTube.

God bless you and we hope to see you this Christmas season.

8 February, 2022

Online Only Worship — Sunday 27th February

Sunday 27th February at 10am

The worship service on Sunday 27th February 2022 will be on our Youtube channel only. There will be no face-to-face worship due to the Family Camp and reduced numbers during covid. The service will be pre-recorded.

To view the service follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuVrDYM_aV1tAGgPZpjI-mw

Remember to prepare early with communion elements, then sit back, and take part in Sunday worship.

16 December, 2021

Join us for CHRISTMAS


7:00-8:30PM Church will be open for quiet prayer and meditation - Guide available to aid your contemplation.


9:30AM Join us for worship on Christmas Morning.


10AM Join us for our regular Sunday Morning worship on Boxing Day

Please see our pinned news post on the front page of the website & app for COVID-19 safety information regarding services.

16 December, 2021

Worship Together Again on Sundays 10am

Worship in person

Living Faith Church has taken advice on what is best practice since COVID restrictions have been reduced. Our goal is to ensure that our community remains as safe as possible, especially those at highest risk.

There is no cap on worship attendance for fully vaccinated members and those with medical exemption. Worshippers need to scan in and show vaccination status prior to entering for public worship.

Masks in worship will continue because it is impossible for us to ensure all worshippers keep 1.5m social distance when there is no cap on attendance.

Bringing your own communion elements will continue

Morning tea must be served to you. Do not self serve.

Worship live online

Our Worship Service is live-streamed on our YouTube channel:


Remember to prepare early with communion elements, then sit back, and take part in Sunday worship.

Rev Graeme Harrison

4 March, 2021

Easter Services for 2020, Online and In Person

Easter is almost upon us, and we've got a variety of Easter Services planned, both in person and online.

- Palm Sunday Sun, 28th March 10.00am Service

- Maundy Thursday Thu, 1st April 7.30pm Service

- Good Friday Fri, 2nd April 9.30am Service

- Good Friday Fri, 2nd April 11.15am - Ecumenical Service at All Saints Anglican Church, Greensborough.

- Easter Day Sun, 4th April 10.00am Service

All service times are subject to change according to the COVID-19 situation at the time of each service. Current arrangements, for registering for each service, remain the same until further notice.

Anyone is welcome to attend these services in person, but you must register in advance by emailing admin@livingfaithchurch.org.au.

These services will also be broadcast on our YouTube channel. The stream will begin around 15 minutes before the service begins.

We have a current attendance of around 70 people each week and can accommodate up to about one hundred. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Things to remember for attending in person:

- Enter the church via the back entrance, accessed via the gate from the carpark.

- Scan the QR Code on entry for Contact Tracing. Somebody will be available to assist you with this.

- Bring your own communion elements if you wish to take part in communion.

- You must wear a face mask at all times if you are over the age of 12.

We look forward to having you join us for worship!