Worship is our response to God.  Because we believe that God is the author of our lives and the centre point around which the universe exists, it is right that we should recognise God in the way we conduct our lives.  Worship is not just about meeting on Sundays to conduct rituals, but the way we live.  It is the act of ultimate valuing from which all our valuing springs; our friendships, our marriages, our work relationships.  Worship is the practice of deepest respect first of God, but then of all that God has given us.  So when we meet on Sundays and at other times, we are recognised that God and his values are central to who we are.

We meet at 10am on Sunday mornings in relational experiences of Worship.  We sing, we pray, we learn and we share.  These services are contemporary and engaging in style.  We are a multigenerational community so our Worship seeks to respect our variety.

We are a cooperation between the local Uniting Church and Church of Christ in Greensborough, so our worship is quite unique as we seek to also respect the traditions from which we come.

We are also open and welcoming.  Anyone may come and participate is our acts of Worship as they feel comfortable and we will offer you morning tea and a chat before you leave after the 10am service.

We hope to see you soon.

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