Living Faith Church

The Uniting Church and Church of Christ in Greensborough

In July 2006 a unique cooperation began between our two local churches.  With the catch cry, “We can do more for Jesus together that we could do apart”, our two congregations, from very different tradition came together for mutual encouragement and effectiveness in the mission of Jesus.  We came together for mission, and we look forward to where God will lead us on this journey together.  As you can see from the extent of our community’s activities on this website,  our catch cry is already being fulfilled.   Below you can see some of the values we have developed together and throughout this site you will see the quality of our life together and the breadth of our mission so far.  Our openness to unity means that, from whatever background you come, through these pages or at our worship centre in Greensborough, you will also find a place in Our Community.  We would love to hear from you.

Our Core Values:

We are a Christian community that is formed by the cooperation of the Uniting Church and the Church of Christ in Greensborough.

We have come together in faith, hope and love, believing that unity is God’s will for us.

Our mission is to celebrate and live out the good news of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ.

We value our distinct heritages and our connections with the wider Christian church.

As a Christian community we see the Bible as central to our life.

We welcome

  • all those who want to join us on the journey of following Jesus

  • the contribution and participation of people of different ages, genders, cultures, life situations and faith journeys.

We seek

  • opportunities to deepen our relationship with God and with one another

  • to share our faith and to encourage relationships with Jesus

  • to express our love for God in passionate, relevant and authentic worship

  • to reach out with love and compassion to those who are in need of care and justice.

We want

  • to step out in faith and take risks in following Jesus.

Click here to view the Agreement between the Uniting Church and Church of Christ in Greensborough (ratified by the congregation in February 2012).

Our Newsletter

Church Life Magazine

Click here to view our bi-annual Magazine, with contributions from members of the congregation. It includes articles about our mission, anecdotes, stories of our past and many other interesting items that show the diversity of our community.