Young Family Events

This is a broad program which looks after the needs of people with young families. Anyone is welcome to help, and people with young families are very welcome to participate in the various activities.

Christmas Workshop

Coming Soon.

Parenting Seminars

The Parenting Children Course
Sunday, 27th July 2014 – 2.30pm-5pm
Over 7 weeks till 14 Sept at Living Faith Church
We are pleased to be putting on a 7 week parenting course by the internationally acclaimed Alpha organisation in the UK from Sunday 27 July. It is called “The Parenting Children Course”. It is designed for parents and/or guardians who have a child aged 0 to 10 years old. The course helps you define your parenting goals and identify where you are happy with your parenting (very important) and where you would like to make improvements. It is not a counselling course for those with crisis problems; for this we would refer you to experts in the field. This is a course that, through the medium of DVD presentations, introduces you to thinking in the areas of:
1. Building strong foundations
2. Patterns for a healthy family life
3. Showing Love and the 5 love languages
4. Meeting our children’s needs
5. Setting Boundaries: combining love and limits
6. Helping children make good choices
7. Modelling and practising relationships
8. Handling Anger: ours and theirs
9. Encouraging Responsibility
10. Passing on beliefs and values
Each topic includes interviews with children and parent/s, commentary from Nicky and Sila Lee who developed the course, some experts in the field, and a series of questions that lead to discussion with other parents and guardians in your small group and more to do at home.
Participants book costs $8
Booking is essential to enable effective preparation and ordering of books. Enquiries to Rev. Graeme Harrison 0422490323.