CAFe Support Group

The purpose of our CAFe (Caregivers And Friends) Support Group is to provide a friendly, non-threatening and accepting Christian environment in which caregivers can support one another. We meet at a local cafe every 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoon during school term. The only cost is if you purchase a cuppa.

Codgers’ Group

The Codgers’ Group offers an opportunity for conversation for senior males. At present our members come from either the church or the Friendship Centre. We meet in the Youth Room on Tuesdays from 1:30 to 3pm during school term. There is no cost involved.

Friendship Centre

The Friendship Centre is a community program for all ages – its purpose is Friendship.

“We are here to be friendly with each other, not to do craft, paint, learn about the computer or play table tennis, so if you do any of these things while you are here, call that a bonus.”

We hold our activities on Thursday afternoons between 1 and 3 pm.

All of our activities are open to everyone. If you would like more information, contact:
Bruce: 03 9459 6112
Brian: 03 9717 4355
Graham: 03 9467 4530
or the church office on 03 9435 8797

Renaissance Group

The Renaissance Group is a church social group for people aged approx 35ish to 60ish and thereabouts. The group meet socially around 4 times a year – see the Home Page>What’s On section for further details.

Social Events

Coming Soon.


Christian Womens’ Fellowship

The CWF seeks “…to love, encourage and support each other as we grow together in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ”. At present, 18 ladies belong to the group, formerly a Churches of Christ-only organisation. We meet on the second Tuesday each month, except for January, and start at either 1:30pm or 8pm. Traditionally we meet in members’ homes. Afternoon tea or supper is included in the activity. We have regular fund-raising activities, and occasionally we have outings. There is a $5 per year affiliation fee.

Ladies’ Evening Fellowship

The Ladies’ Evening Fellowship facilitates long-term friendships and social contacts with various activities. We started as a young mothers evening group in the 1960s. We make knitted woollen blankets for the wider community. We meet in various members’ homes at 8pm on the fourth Monday in the month except for the winter months of June, July and August. There is no cost involved.


Blokes’ Breakfast

All men are invited to a social Breakfast, held once every couple of months. For further information, please contact one of our ministers.