A Place For Everyone

A Place For Everyone

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At Living Faith Church we are passionate about creating a place for everyone to connect. Find out more about our community below:

As a Christian community, we welcome all those who want to join us on the journey of following Jesus Christ. Read more »

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Living Faith Church has a dynamic and busy community life. If you view the full calendar you will see Worship experiences, Bible Studies, Educational Opportunities and Social Events. Some of these could well apply to you...Read more »

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Who Am I When No-one is Looking?

Who Am I When No-one is Looking? This was the title of a book that Bill Hybels wrote a few years ago. His challenge was for you and I to take a good honest look at ourselves when we were on our own, our masks were off, and there was no-one to impress or hide the real you from. His challenge was to...Read more »